Who Is Steve Preston and How Can He Help Me?

Hello and Welcome to Ultimate Baseball Strength!

My name is Steve Preston and I help baseball players increase power and athleticism... to develop the 5 tools needed for baseball:  Hitting Power/Arm Strength/Fielding Quickness/Hitting Consistency/Base-Stealing Speed!

But I need to admit something to you...

I'm not a baseball player nor a baseball coach.  In fact, I stink at baseball... always have.

So how can I help you become a baseball player?  Keep reading to find out...


It began in 1977 when I was just 10 years old...

I was living just outside New York City with our Grandparents after my Dad died.  My mom was busy working so our grandparents took care of us.

My Grandfather was born and raised in New York City.  He was a die-hard Yankees fan.  I started watching games with him and became hooked.

And then it happened...

The World Series between the Dodgers and the Yankees.  Reggie Jackson hit 3 home runs on 3 swings of the bat!

He was instantly my baseball hero... especially after my Dad had died and I "needed" a hero,

It was then that I decided I wanted to be a major league baseball player.

So I kept practicing with my buddies and we would play baseball or stickball all Summer long and every day after school.

Eventually, it was time to begin High School and I was psyched up because try-outs were beginning for the Freshman baseball team.  I couldn't wait!!

And then... WHAM!

I got cut from the Freshman baseball team:(. It was devastating.  I couldn't believe I didn't make it and it crushed me.

So... I decided with all of my sudden spare time I would hit the High School weight room and begin working out.

Within 2 years I won my first of 3 New York State Powerlifting Championships.  I went on to set a Junior World Record in the Bench Press and was National Runner-Up for Powerlifting.

That was when I decided that I wanted to train athletes for the rest of my life.

So I spent years and years training young athletes, going to clinics and conferences, getting my education and learning from some of the best strength coaches in the world.

I found myself training wrestlers and baseball players mostly... and I loved it.  Both wrestlers and baseball players wanted to increase their power.  So I honed in on my training experience and knowledge and. began designing sport-specific programs to make these athletes better.

I created a full, year-round training program that baseball players of any age, ability or background could use to quickly build up their speed, strength, power and conditioning to reach the next level.  But I was limited in the number of baseball players I could reach due to time and location difficulties.

In 2013 I decided to take the training program that I had been using with so much success with my baseball players and try to make it available for baseball players, coaches and parents world-wide by harnessing the power of the internet.

I figured that if I took this system and made it available on my website I'd have a much better chance of reaching YOU!

So... welcome to Ultimate Baseball Strength.  I created it with you in mind.

Feel free to look around the site... there are a bunch of cool tips and videos that will help jump-start your baseball performance.  In the meantime, here are some random things about me to entertain you:


  • My wife Michelle is my best friend
  • We have 2 very spoiled Schnauzers
  • I love the New York Yankees (sorry Boston fans:))
  • My favorite color is green
  • I drive a Toyota truck ... and nothing else
  • Im an avid reader
  • I did a 500 lb Bench Press once... a long, long time ago
  • I may have seen every episode of Cops
  • I believe that what goes around comes around
  • I believe that God gave us two ears and one mouth because he wants us to listen twice as much as we speak
  • I think baseball builds character
  • If it doesn't kill you it really does make you stronger

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