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Dear Baseball Players, Coaches and Parents,

If you’re reading this I know you are serious about baseball…

You want to get better and better and take your baseball performance to a new level.

There is so much competition in baseball these days so you need to be good at every aspect of the game…

In fact, most major league teams these days are looking for players who can play multiple positions and are more athletic. It’s the way the game is going…

I have a system of training baseball players that will increase all 5 aspects of your game that I want to share with you, but first are you making these baseball training mistakes in order to get better?

Big Mistake #1:  Playing On Different Teams Year-Round

Hey, I’m the first person to admit that if you want to get better at anything in life you have to practice and practice. So many baseball players get on multiple teams and play as often as possible. I get it…. Baseball is fun.

But the problem is that when you are ALWAYS playing the game, you’re not preparing your body to play at a higher level.

You will improve as your skills develop but if you’re neglecting to properly train and develop your body “specifically” for baseball then you are going to start spinning your wheels and get left behind.

Big Mistake #2:  Spending Tons of Money on Hitting and Pitching Coaches

Hey, I’m the first person to admit that if you want to get better at anything in life you have to practice and practice. So many baseball players get on multiple teams and play as often as possible. I get it…. Baseball is fun.

But the problem is that when you are ALWAYS playing the game, you’re not preparing your body to play at a higher level.

You will improve as your skills develop but if you’re neglecting to properly train and develop your body “specifically” for baseball then you are going to start spinning your wheels and get left behind.

Big Mistake #3:  Doing Some Random Strength Training Program

Baseball is a game that requires tons and tons of repetitive motions. Think about how many tines you swing the bat and throw a ball during the season. This repetitive motion causes muscle imbalances because you keep doing things from the same side over and over again.
The problem with most training programs for baseball players is that they don’t address muscle imbalances and actually get players strong in the wrong areas…

At best these ineffective workouts are a waste of time for baseball players and worst case is that they increase the chances for a baseball injury by increasing the imbalances between muscles.

If you’re making any of the mistake above in an effort to get better at baseball don’t worry… it’s absolutely hot your fault.

There has been so much misinformation for decades about how to train baseball players to improve the 5 skills.

These myths and misinformation get passed along and it can get confusing. Let’s face it, if you ask 100 different coaches an opinion you’ll get 100 different answers.

That’s where I come in…

My name is Steve Preston and I develop 5 too baseball players. I’m a Sports Performance Specialist and Physical Education Teacher. I’m not a former player nor coach either.

So How Can I Help You Become a Better Baseball Player If I Didn’t Play??

Great question…

I have been passionate about baseball all my life and wanted to play in the MLB… until I got cut from my High School Freshman baseball team.

I was devasted…

So while the guys who made the team began their season, I decided to go to the weight room at school and start working out.

Within 2 years I was a New York State Powerlifting Champion and the rest is history…

I knew that instead of being an athlete I wanted to train other athletes to be better. I studied about training athletes and how to make them better. I read everything I could get my hands on. I attended clinics and conferences to improve my skills and learned from some of the best coaches and trainers in the world.

My quest began to “give back” to the baseball world. I figured that if I could train baseball players to get to the next level it felt even better than playing the game.

So over the years and training many many baseball players, I began to refine their training system.

Through different training programs and trial and error I created a training system for my baseball players that increased every aspect of their game… hitting for power, hitting for average, fielding, running speed and arm strength for throwing.

In fact, I’ve kept this baseball player strength program to myself for a long time. But I’ve decided that it’s time to help more baseball players reach the next level by making it available on my website.

Introducing: Ultimate Baseball Strength 

The Complete Baseball Training Program For Building 5 Tool Players!

NOTE:  The Ultimate Baseball Strength program is an instantly-downloadable program.  No hard copies will be sent.  You can literally get started today!

Here's What It Will Do For You:

  • Increase your batting power so that you can start mashing more home runs
  • Develop your lateral quickness so that you can become a better fielder
  • Build your arm strength so that you have more velocity when you throw or pitch
  • Develop blazing running speed so that you can run the bases or play outfield with quickness.
  • Build your balance and core strength so that you can hit with more consistency and increase your batting average.
  • Develop you overall athleticism so that you can play more like a 5-tool player.

When training to improve your baseball performance you need to even out muscle imbalances, increase strength/speed/power, and build overall athleticism.

This is exactly what the Ultimate Baseball Strength year-round strength training system will do for any baseball player… at any age or level!

As a former player and now an umpire, I get to see baseball at its best.  Steve Preston is a long-time strength coach who can help any player get better.  His baseball strength program is extremely effective for helping players reach their goals faster.  I'm a big fan.

Louie DiCioccio

My sons are really into baseball.  I realized that in order to gain the advantage they should start training on a system to improve their baseball skills, not just lifting weights.  The Ultimate Baseball Strength program is perfect for any player of any age.

Ronnie Johnson

Here's What You're Getting:

The Ultimate Baseball Strength manual

This complete 55 page manual contains:

  • 2 Offseason training programs to build the exact baseball muscles so that you lay a foundation of strength for every aspect of the game.
  • 2 Preseason training programs so that you can convert your offseason strength to more power for ultimate hitting, throwing, fielding and running
  • The perfect inseason strength program so that you keep powerful and consistent throughout the long season… and reduce non-impact injuries to stay in the game!
  • The exact warmup routine so that you prepare your body for training, games or practice and have more success.
  • 10 Tips for success so that you make fast progress while training and on the field performance.

The UBS Jump-Start Coaching Videos

I personally recorded an audio coaching program for UBS. You can listen to it in the car, on hour phone, or on your computer.

This mp3 audio will help you get the most out of the program and set you up for success.

It’s a great tool to have at your disposal when getting prepared for the ultimate baseball strength training system.

You’ll discover how to set up the program, how long to do each phase for and how to prepare for an amazing season of baseball.

The UBS Audio Coaching Mp3

I will personally coach you through each of the workouts in order to prepare you, answer any questions you may have… and guide you to success with your baseball performance.

The UBS program is designed so that any baseball players can do it….

Of course, a youth baseball player won’t do the exact training program that a high school or college player would do and I coach you on exactly how to scale the program for your youth baseball players, highs school baseball players or college baseball players. It works for all. It just takes some tweaking… and I do it for you in the video coaching,.

I leave no stone unturned as I help you out with the UBS program.

The UBS Workout Sheets

These “done-for-you” downloadable workout sheets are perfect to print and take with you to the gym when training on the UBS program.

Yo’ll have the exact layout of exercises, sets, repetitions and rest periods to get going today!

When you log your workouts you are much more likely to stick with the program and get optimal results.

These workout logs are going to help you be accountable, set goals and literally transform your baseball performance!

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So How Much Does It Cost?

Listen, I know you may be skeptical because there are so many guys out there who are throwing programs at you.

As a Sports Performance Specialist and former World Class strength athlete I have take much time and effort to make my baseball training system the best one ever,…

That’s why I’m giving you an no risk opportunity to try out the Ultimate Baseball Strength system. In fact, you have a full 60 days to use the program with a 100% no questions-asked, money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with this unique, 5 tool baseball player training system. I want you to see for yourself that when you stick to the program it will transform your baseball performance.

The Ultimate Baseball Strength program will do more for your hitting power, hitting consistency, throwing strength, base-stealing speed and full-range fielding than any program out there because you will not only become stronger… but develop into a true baseball athlete!

When you consider all of the years, education and training I’ve put into creating this complete baseball strength training system I should probably charge more. It’s worth it.

I’ve been told that this program is worth so much more because it helps baseball players develop into better players faster than any system out there.

I've decided that in order to get my complete baseball training system into the hands of as many players, coaches and parents as possible, I'd bite the bullet and make it available for the low low investment of ONLY $57!

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Remember, your competition in baseball is tough. If you want to take your baseball performance to the next level you have to train to increase your baseball-specific strength, power, speed and athleticism. The Ultimate Baseball Strength program will do just that.

Don’t waste any more time searching for programs that don’t build the strength/power/speed/athleticism you need to develop into a 5-tool baseball player. Your competition is fierce. Get started with the Ultimate Baseball Strength program today and get ahead of the competition.

Imagine how good it will feel when your baseball performance improves so fast that you’re an All-Star every year? It all starts with desire, practice and a training system that will get you strong, powerful, fast and more athletic for every aspect of the game!

You can do this!

Your Baseball Performance Coach,

Steve Preston

P.S. The Ultimate Baseball Strength program is the only program designed to increase your throwing strength, hitting power, batting consistency, running speed, fielding quickness and overall athleticism.

P.P.S. The Ultimate Baseball Strength program can be done with success with any age or level of baseball player.

P.P.S. The Ultimate Baseball Strength program is available as an instant download.  You can get started within 10 minutes of purchase.  Remember, the Ultimate Baseball Strength program is 100% risk-free for you. You can use it for 60 days with no risk on your end. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your improvements as a baseball player within 60 days of using my program, simply send me an email and I’ll refund your money - no questions asked.

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